A Centennial Celebration

We will be having a great celebration here at Cranberry Landing on Saturday, March 16th! Not only are we going to honor our March birthdays but we will also have five special guests. Among these guests, two will have turned 100 years old, one that will be turning 101 and two that will be turning 102 all in the year 2019!!! Now that’s something to CELEBRATE!

We are very lucky to be close neighbors with these lovely guests and are thrilled to be sharing a day in their honor. Invitations have been sent out and this event is open to our residents, resident families, friends and loved ones. If you’re planning on joining in on the celebration, please be sure to call our front desk to RSVP for this beautiful celebration. There will be a live performance by Daniel Henry from DHL Entertainment to help us in the celebration. We will be serving a delicious indoor picnic for our guests that will be prepared by our very talented Sous Chef, Kenny King and we will have our serving stations throughout the community. If you are coming to celebrate one of our guests of honor that you know personally, we ask that you write down your favorite memory, story, advice or simply just a few kind words on a piece of paper. You can also bring a picture or birthday card for the guest(s) of honor. These priceless momentos will be placed in a box for each of our guests to enjoy each day. If you have any questions, please feel free to call our main number at (585) 441-3011 and speak to the concierge for further details or to RSVP.

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