A Visit to Lollypop Farms

In the months of January and February all of our neighbors at Cranberry Landing have been “Pawing it Forward.” We’ve made an effort to provide kindness and loving gestures for our animal friends in this cold wintery season. We’ve created handmade bird feeders and hung them outside of our community, we’ve made cat toys and dog toys. We’ve made many donations of things like bedding, food, blankets, cash and even pitchforks and rakes! Our furry, scaly and feathery friends have needs and as a community everyone pulled together to provide for them. We are so incredibly grateful to all of our residents, staff, family members and everyone as a community for all you’ve given for our sweet friends. We were able to hand off our donations to our local Humane Society and while there we got to spend time with the Lollypop Farm animals. There are many animals looking for homes and the facility is always in need of help from the community. Doing something kind for others is medicine for the soul. If you’re looking for a way to give back, the animals are ever so grateful to have a warm place to sleep, the healthcare they require and good food in their bellies. Please continue the movement and “Paw it Forward” adopt, donate, volunteer or even stop on by and spend time with them. Bring a friend and read a book to the pups, feed a bunny, cuddle with a cat or even pet a horse! I know they loved it when we visited them. We know they’ll love it when you do too! For a full list of ways you can donate please visit the following website at https://www.lollypop.org/get-involved/give-today/wish-list/

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