Color Me a Garden

Rochester is known for its annual Lilac Festival held in Highland Park. A visit to this park at the right time can offer a rare opportunity to experience the incredible beauty and intense fragrance of more than 500 varieties of lilacs! Each year we embark on a scenic journey through the gardens and get a majestic view of the lilacs, the pansy bed, the rhododendron/azalea garden and the tulip garden. We could hardly wait and with the weather being so rainy lately we decided to create our very own lilac garden indoors with Q-tip Art! Yes…q-tips! How fun right? Who would have thought that by using a simple household item, bundling it together and dipping it in paint could create such beauty?! Everyone had a great time making these incredible pieces of artwork and each one came out unique. We’re definitely ready to go on our annual trip to see the gardens at its peak of the season.


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