Handmade Bird Feeders

In one of our Watermark University classes in January, we learned about all about winter bird watching! What better way to welcome our brave feathery neighbors than to make them feeders and hang them outside of our community. If you’ve traveled up our walkway coming into the community no matter what season it is, you’ll quickly notice that our birds and squirrels are just as happy to live here as we are! Although they mostly stay hidden in our trees, they’re always sure to give us a warm hello as we come in. We enjoy our little visitors very much throughout the day. Some of us have hung our feeders outside of our windows and from our balconies so that we might catch a few glimpses of their unique beauty. In our courtyard we’ve been visited by squirrels, swallows, cardinals, bluejays, woodpeckers, morning doves, hummingbirds and many more. Everyone really enjoyed this project and are anxious to welcome our visitors with a treat. Happy winter bird watching everyone!

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