Make Way for Ducklings!

A full on rescue mission was completed today at Legacy at Cranberry Landing! We were notified of a mama duck and 10 brand new ducklings seen in the courtyard last night. When Rich Richardson, our Maintenance Director, and Jenn LaFountain, our Executive Director, went out to locate them just before lunch today, they found mama in distress.

Upon further investigation, 10 tiny ducklings were stuck 5 feet down in the sewer basin. A full alert was sounded and many from the team, including a resident, came to the rescue. Other residents watched from their apartments and dining rooms and cheered the mission on. Two brave souls, Melissa Penisse, Business Office Manager, and Diana Simone, Case Manager, each lowered themselves into the connecting basins. Added assistance from Jenni Coon, Community Life Director, Diana Jones, Dining Room Manager, Cynthia Pourzynal, Resident Care Director, as well as Sharon Tudisco and Dave Leake, Housekeeping Associates, ensured all ducklings were pulled to safety. The overall supervision and problem solving of resident Tom Barrows saved the day! Andres Clavijo, Maintenance Associate, ensured that the large grates were wrapped in screen to prevent another mishap.  With everyone’s teamwork, the babies were rescued within 20 minutes!

The overall highlight of the day was seeing mama and babies reunited. We look forward to helping mama and family find a new home once the ducklings are a bit bigger. In the meantime, they are learning to eat bugs and swim in a brand new kiddie pool.

Family Reunited!
Mama and babies reunited!

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