Matsiko World Orphan Choir

What a fantastic performance! Cranberry Landing neighbors were grateful to be surrounded by this incredibly talented group of children. Each child ranging from ages 10 to 16, each in their native dress representing their native homelands. Places like Nepal, Africa, India and Peru! Each member of this energetic bunch were all so kind! No one in the crowd could stop smiling and moving to the rhythm of the music. Our entire community was amped up and enjoying this spectacular experience.

Afterward, the children spoke about their cultures, the struggles in their homelands and why they travel to perform. The kids shared with us what we could do ourselves to help raise awareness to aide in their cause. The children brought with them handmade items from their countries like dolls, bracelets, necklaces and much, much more! We also learned that for a small price we could sponsor a child to allow them to receive an education, medical care and the nourishment they need. You can learn more about the Matsiko World Orphan Choir and their cause at

Thank you for visiting us MATSIKO WORLD ORPHAN CHOIR!!

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