Pajama Day at Cranberry Landing

“Family” is the best word to describe us, and loving what we do is part of the job! We take pride in our efforts to make our Cranberry family happy. Residents, staff, family members and visitors are all part of that. All of us have guidelines and a duty to complete certain tasks each day.  Responsibilities ranging from grande to routine can sometimes sound more like a chore. It doesn’t have to be that way, we enjoy taking the simple moments and celebrating them by making things fun. We like to take some down time and share who we are with one another and to enjoy each other’s company.

Our staff here at Cranberry Landing works very hard every day to make sure they’re doing their part in making a positive difference in our residents’ lives. All of us try to be great neighbors and friends. It’s so important that we share our kindness and support with one another. There’s a saying “work hard to play hard” that comes to mind. We work hard so that at the end of our efforts we are rewarded by being able to provide and do good things for ourselves, for our families and for our loved ones. Well why stop there? Who says we can’t have fun while doing it? It’s one of our favorite daily mottos throughout Watermark Communities all over the nation is “Don’t take yourself too seriously!” We try to do something each month to show our associates that we appreciate them and how grateful we are to have them as part of our family. The residents have made Thank You cards for our staff, we’ve provided holiday potlucks, had costume contests and even brought in surprise treats on a whim. This time we celebrated their hard work by having an all staff Pajama Day! The team here at Cranberry Landing likes to be cozy in our off time and our awesome pajamas prove just that! Thank you everyone who participated and thank you for all that you do each and every day!

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