Trivia Extravaganza – The Champions!

Who doesn’t like a little friendly competition? The teams are set in groups of four or more and on each team is a manager that pairs up with the teams. Kate hosts Trivia Extravaganza and she makes the questions quite challenging. The series of questions are broken up into categories and it can be anything from movie theme songs to cultural traditions. Everyone has a fantastic time playing. The teams huddle together to come up with their best answers. In each category the teams even get the option to double the points on their most confident answer! The winners of this month’s Trivia Extravaganza are Jan, Nancy, Rudy and Tom! Nothing says winners like a box full of delicious donuts! They’re such a lovely bunch, they even shared with the rest of the residents. Way to go out like champs everyone! Make sure you keep a lookout on the calendar for the next opportunity to test your wits in this super fun game!


  1. Posted on 02/07/19 by Jan Cornelius

    Thank you Kate for a fun and challenging afternoon! You are our champion!

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